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Author:  Duke
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Date:  3/14/2006 8:24:12 PM
Subject:  Re: mickey newbury song - new info?
The Five Blind Boys - when there were five -
showed up in an overloaded Lincoln about
forty minutes before showtime when they played
at The Cultch here years ago. There was smoke
wafting through the grill from under the hood.

They'd driven north from a gig in California the
night before. I guess one of them could see a
little, ha! Okay, their manager was driving.

They fell crying to the floor, the reached up
to the heavens, they jumped on the seats, they
talked in tongues, and they all just about died
from organ failure putting out like they did.
A few of the older white ladies in the front row, who thought they were coming to some nice
evening of spirituals, did die, if I remember.

What was the question? :-)

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