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Author:  Ron L.
E-mail:  ron.lyons@charter.net
Date:  3/12/2006 3:47:35 PM
Subject:  Re: Oh, Whatever
Message:  Like an explosion of undiscovered energy, your words hit the screen rapidly for fear their brilliance will disappear before you get them out.

Hank, this is wonderful(again)and contains the kind of power that can alter a person's life.

If "In My Room" is the greatest teenage song ever written, then "Maybe" is the greatest teenage love song ever written; for it dignifies the depth of passion that only the young feel without dumbing it down with some sort of patronizing "young love" reference.

Can you ever forget how you felt at 15?

"Maybe" was the only song he spoke to me with doubt wondering if people would "get it". It took me a while because I couldn't get past "In 59". There is still, simply, nothing else like it.

I have written of this before but was just talking about it today with Jeff Trager. Jeff was the Electra promotion guy in San Francisco at the heighth of Mickey's commercial success.

On November 1, 2001, I was incredibly fortunate to be sitting at the foot of his bed as we listened to the final mix of "A Long Road Home". Not a word was said for the hour and 10 minutes it played. His eyes were closed and he sang along with every track. He was pleased with it which is saying something because he wanted it "right" and he was the hardest on himself.

The night before, I stood in the darkened studio where he recorded the vocals and wondered how much courage, love, and determination it took to make it up and down that road home before sundown.

Thanks again, Hank. Never doubt your talent.


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