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Author:  Horst Hentschel
E-mail:  Schattengewaechse@t-online.de
Date:  3/11/2006 8:13:00 PM
Subject:  Mickey on a six-string
Message:  Hi folks,

many months ago I asked you for help concerning sheet music of Mickey Newbury just because I had the idea of doing some arrangements for electric guitar solo, maybe some of you will remember. You´ve been very kind, I got the help I needed, but sorry to say – I failed. I promised to let you know about my attempts, so something´s whirling me inside out to admit: it didn´t work. At least to my understanding of authenticy.

It´s one thing to play a melody, another to do the rhythm and ornamentics, and maybe you manage it doing both simultaneously. It´s a question of technique. But what´s been the result? Simply spoken: Things turned up to be playable – but they were not Newbury, absolutely not. So finally I let it, gave it up – at least in this life.

Somehow I right from the beginning had in mind that it would come to this, you can´t get the character if such a tremendous voice and interpretation of the lyrics is missing. Anyway – a similar idea (“He ain´t heavy – he´s my brother”) had been successful before, so I gave it a try. - I turned the project – I had chosen “Remember the good” and “How many times …” for me – to some of my students of the analytic seminar to find out, if there were blocks or such, and interesting it was: they failed, too.

To my understanding one cannot force things like this. A truism, sure – but to me a rather sad one. Having the music of someone in his fingers is something very personal, a special kind of richess. Maybe I´m too much a romantic, but if so, I don´t care. So Mickey stays in my mind, comes out of the speakers and perhaps will be a challenge for more gifted guitarists than I am.

Thanks again – and have a good time

 Mickey on a six-string by Horst Hentschel  at 3/11/2006 8:13:00 PM
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