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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  3/10/2006 1:31:52 AM
Subject:  mickey newbury vinyl japan
Message:  Just got LP from JAPAN, "Sings his own" out on RCA Victor-6032 with the "rare" OBI.
MY copy is a white label out 1972 - maybe around 18th May.
Same front cover as US issue - but have liner notes and (lyric in english) printed on back cover.
If this LP also reach STOCK status, I don`t know.

If other, OR HOW MANY of Mickey lp`s was put out over there - I don`t know for the moment.

BUT I am almost SHURE, some record with artist, maybe ONLY was put out as PROMO - never reach to be put out as STOCK.

BUT I have a 45 M.N., white label from Japan with full picture cover from 1973.


erik "the dane"

 mickey newbury vinyl japan by erik "the dane" at 3/10/2006 1:31:52 AM