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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  3/8/2006 4:27:49 PM
Subject:  I Lost A Friend.....
Message:  ....The name Dee Herrera won't mean anything to most of you...Dee was one of those folks who went through life enjoying every minute. He came up with the idea of a frozen margarita machine and then watched as others made a fortune from his idea...he was a friend to many entertainers...Willie, Waylon, Sammi, Billy Joe, Jerry Jeff, Little Joe and Mickey...in fact, he translated Willie's classic "Crazy" into Spanish and Little Joe recorded it...to me it lost a little something..."Loco" just didn't work for me...he passed away yesterday without a dime in his pocket. Billy Joe Shaver will pay for his cremation. Dee was a dibetic...he refused to take care of himself, he lost both legs, but never his ability to smile...bragging that the new legs made him two inches taller. He came by the hotel during Gathering III, but had other things to do that day and didn't stick around. Our Sue Ann gave him her dad's scooter after her father passed away...Dee somehow found more scooters and passed them on to others who had lost legs or the ability to walk. He stayed with Willie's road manager, Poodie Locke when he came to Austin...and he was a favorite of Poodie's mom, Gloria. In the early days he worked many of the concerts I promoted...we even lived together for a short time. Dee was 66 years old...much too young to leave this world...my comfort is knowing that he will be met by lots of friends...including Mickey.

Love and Light...Dee, you were one of a kind.

 I Lost A Friend..... by Roy  at 3/8/2006 4:27:49 PM
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