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Author:  KarenB
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Date:  3/8/2006 2:05:04 AM
Subject:  Re: Welcome a new fan.....
Message:  Welcome to the porch, Pam. It even goes all the way "down under" to Australia. Your words brought memories back to each of us. We have all been "Newbury-ed"!

Mickey lives in my heart. He always did, even before I first heard him. Now, if the world and its greed, hatred and problems become too much, I only need listen to Mickey and the beauty and joy of life is restored. There is something so healthy about Mickey!

You know, my husband has never particularly liked country music and for years he did not see what I saw in Mickey's music. Mickey himself asked me from time to time if Neil liked his music yet. Mickey died. And suddenly, it got in! The music penetrated Neil's mind and he is now a HUGE fan. You should hear him sing Mickey's praises....

Smart man that Mickey Newbury. Now I get to play him ALL the time!

You are amongst friends. We all love Mickey dearly.

Karen (the Aussie one)

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