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Author:  Sallie N.
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Date:  3/7/2006 6:35:49 PM
Subject:  Re: Welcome a new fan.....
Message:  Pam, your letter so perfectly expressed the feelings so many of us had when we first heard Mickey Newbury sing. My husband and I were first introduced to him in the early 1970s on WSIX, a Nashville radio station with an announcer, Chuck Adair, who absolutely adored Mickey's music. He would talk about him for five minutes before he played each song. "Poison Red Berry" , How Many Times Must the Piper be Paid, and Frisco Mabel Joy were out then. We got to talk with Mickey a number of times at concerts through the years.....totally enthralled from the first song to this day!!
We sure hope you can come to Austin for GVI and savor the experience of meeting so many people who feel just as you do about this wonderful individual you've just discovered.
Sallie and Elton Noel     

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