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Author:  erik "the dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/7/2006 3:04:04 PM
Subject:  Søren in Nashville - a friend of mine!
Message:  HAVE any of this Nashville cats mentions in this e-mail play/recorded with MICKEY NEWBURY????

Søren Sebber Larsen is a great sing-/songwriter - new musicfriend of mine.
He sings, just great and play mostly all instruments, leadguitar, drums, organ + more.
He have now put out 2 solo cd - 2002-2004.
He reach 40 years some few week from today!
He is a great Jimmy Webb fan!

In June 2003 he recorded with Nahville cats as Milton Sledge: DRUMS, Michael Bridgnardello: BASS and Dan Dugmore: PEDALSTEEL.

First meet Søren "face to face" at a birthdays reception party some week ago for no. #1 "pop"(middle of the road music guy) DANISH artist, singer-/songwriter KELD HEICK who is married to lovely wife Hilda Heick who sings with Keld around in the country.

I and Jane was with Hilda/Kelds daughter, singer, tv-show host Annette H. (front pages girl on many magazines) and Søren here last Saturday at a hotel, music, dinner, stay over - hotel was nearby my hometown Hilleroed.

More music doors maybe open today, when Søren told me on a visit to my home at EGEDAMS HILLS, that he was share musicstudios, building with head of Danish songwriters Organizations Ivan Pedersen - leadsinger from group also know, very little in US back long ago in group call LABAN.

Søren & I speak about Jimmy Webb maybe coming to Denmark.
Also talking about songwriting seminar with danish music people include Jimmy Webb + make a concert too, solo or with strings, danish artist and band.
Maybe we, Danish songwriters Organizations + me can share some of the cost!

AND I AM SO NAIV - that if I ask J.W. to come to Denmark because of me asking - HE COMES!

We can also count that the Danish National Radio will recording such a concert - if Jimmy like that.
Maybe TV can be interest (have to be more lucky there) - have some high rank person inside radio or tv, artist, who hopefully can/will support!

The big JIMMY WEBB "handmade" CD BOX (5 CD) I was a minor part of - from Rhino Records, 2004 - who is now sold out, was FUNNY enough review in a big Danish newspaper in 2005 and gets 6 stars out of 6 - they have to import the box to Denmark - SO STILL NICE WITH THIS GREAT REVIEW!

Still fight a lot with all this music collection.
BUT have whole APRIL off as a Holiday month - we be on Spain island Mallorca for one week include a car the whole week - just after Easter.

Have to relax before the big trip to AUSTIN and the Gathering!

Take care out there!

erik "the dane"

 Søren in Nashville - a friend of mine!  by erik "the dane" at 3/7/2006 3:04:04 PM
 Re: Søren in Nashville - a friend of mine!  by Jackie at 3/8/2006 12:41:58 AM