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Author:  Susie
E-mail:  susan@mickeynewbury.com
Date:  3/7/2006 12:08:00 PM
Subject:  Welcome a new fan.....
Message:  We gets lots of emails and letters about Mickey's music. They are all special, but I want to post one I got this past week. I have her permission. She says you all know too much about music for her to feel good about posting. I think you'll find a common theme in her letter. Don't criticize her for the spelling of "Newbury" either.

Thanks Pam! If you come to the Gathering in Austin, you will find 200 other people who feel the same way.


From: "Pam Kaatz" <kaatz@airmail.net>
Date: March 4, 2006 9:52:26 AM PST
To: <susan@mickeynewbury.com>

Dear Susan
I am sure you get letters like this all the time, but I just have to tell you my Mickey Newberry experience.
My name is Pam Kaatz.  I am a 62-year-old retired Spanish teacher, born in Fort Worth, TX.
In spite of my Texas heritage, I have hated “country” music all of my life.  I have been known to leave a restaurant even after having ordered a meal because they turned on “country” music.  I saw the movie “Mars Attacks” and laughed when the Martians’ heads exploded because the humans broadcasted “country” music.
Then one day, quite by accident, I happened to hear the voice of Mickey Newberry.
I was driving from Denton to my son’s home in Arlington, about an hour’s drive.  I turned on the local National Public Radio station and heard a country sounding song...then the announcement:  You are listening to   “Mickey Newberry, an American Treasure.”  My thoughts...oh great, they’ve even taken over the NPR stations. --With nothing else to listen to in the car, I let the dial sit on that station.
Well, I fell in love with Mickey Newberry, his voice, his personality.  When I approached my son’s house, there were still about 15 minutes of the program left.  I pulled the car over and parked a few blocks from his house because I didn’t want to have to explain why I wouldn’t go into the house—I just HAD to hear the rest of the program.
I started crying during the part about his last concert in Kerrville.  And since I have absolutely no knowledge of that category of music, I did not know that he had already passed away several years ago.  It was as if I had found a friend, then suddenly lost him.  I sat for about 20 more minutes crying in my car before I simpy had to go on for the visit with my son and his family.  They had called to see why I was taking so long to make the drive.  I had to make up some story about having to stop for traffic. 
I simply cannot explain how moved I was by the story of his life.   Then because I am so terribly uninformed, and so bad with names—when the program was over, I couldn’t remember his name!!   I went through every possible trick to recall it.  Finally a few weeks later, I thought about doing a search for An American Treasure...and that’s how I found it. 
I ordered the CD--It Might as Well be the Moon. 
Needless to say, Mickey Newberry is with me wherever I go.  His voice sounds in my head all the time now. 
I have even gotten angry at friends who just won’t SHUT UP when I am trying to make them listen as intently as I do to his songs.   I let them borrow the CD for a limited “visit” and then they call me and say  WOW!  I had no idea what you were trying to tell me.  This guy is great!
I listen to the songs, to the poetry of the words and wish that I could teach an English class based simply on his music.
The grain of sands falling like diamonds...  the tribute to the old man Cortelia Clark... the search for the links of the chain... 
And of course the song  Just the Thought of You...quite literally takes my breath away. 
Here’s the greatest achievement.  My husband of 37 years also HATES country music.  But on a recent trip to Houston, I told him he was just going to have to get over it, I couldn’t drive without Mickey.  Even HE loved the music and said,  Hey, this guy is more than a country singer.
I just had to share this story with you...just to let you know how much I respect Mickey Newberry.
I tried to tell my teenage grandsons—they have no clue what I meant—but I said—look, this guy was a great musician, a great artist, but he was also a loving husband and father.  He didn’t ruin his life with drugs, he didn’t get famous in the news for getting into trouble—he just did what he loved to do and loved his family and made a good life for himself.    That is true success, not that stuff you see on TV.  Of course, they just stared at me with those “know it all” expressions and thought that Grandma was being really dorky as usual.
But thanks so much for continuing his tradition—for making his music available.  I am going to buy all of the CDs eventually.  I wish you the best and hope that your business with the CDs is doing well. 
I have a small business providing teaching materials to English and Spanish teachers.  I can see several lessons for ESL classes that could be based on these songs.  The idea just struck me, that might be a good market for you.  Provide a CD with songs that are very clear and easy to hear—with lessons to guide the listener.  Edit them all onto one CD and market it to ESL teachers...Oh well, I am always the teacher, I never let up.  But as I listen, I can just see myself teaching the words to foreign friends of mine and explaining what they mean, both literally and symbollically.  Mickey Newberry truly was a genius, but you already know that.  There are no words to express what I feel when I hear him singing.
Best wishes to you and your family
Pam Kaatz

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