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Author:  Joey L.
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Date:  3/7/2006 8:30:46 AM
Subject:  Re: Where Iz U Guys?
Message:  Gale,

When you first posted, I thought (for some Godforsaken reason) that the 'Larry' wass our 'Larry Larry' and that Larry was doing the typing ... Now, "Larry, Larry" is a great 'Agitator' (ahemmmm).

My 'Navigator' has no teeth so everything has to be cut up in tiny pieces for her to 'inhale'. So she gets pampered with chicken, steak, pork chops, hamburger ... things like that. Once in a while I slip in a little egg or fish.

I would be happy just if Chi Chi would sleep most of the way. As it is, I will probably have to pull over ever couple hours for 'potty breaks' (wink).

"Agitator to Navigator ..." I kinda like that.

Joey and Chi Chi

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