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Author:  Joey L.
E-mail:  Joefus@itctel.com
Date:  3/6/2006 8:57:14 PM
Subject:  Where Iz U Guys?
Message:  I am one of those people who lives near my pc. Not much left. So, whenever a day goes by where other Porchers don't "do their thing", I wonder --- "is my computer broke???"

Well, I will tell you what others have been told. Chi Chi and I will be coming to Austin this June. (She doesn't know it, yet, and as she will be my navigator, if I reach the Canadian border before Kansas, I will know she 'done me wrong').

So, look for our 'hospitality room' (can't afford a 'suite') from Clark, SD. We'd love to have you drop in.

He saw on the map that highway 81 goes all the way directly to Austin, TX. We are leaving on Monday, June 26th. We are bringing Papajohn's snake (for the Sunday sermon)

Love ya'll.

Joey y Chi Chi

 Where Iz U Guys? by Joey L.  at 3/6/2006 8:57:14 PM
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