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Author:  jeffD
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Date:  2/27/2006 8:59:09 AM
Subject:  Re: Angeline's
Message:  Hi Guido,
I've interviewed Mickey about his songs and I can confirm that he was very reluctant to "reveal" the true life situations which led to the song. He felt that every listener in a way participated in the creation of the song and to reveal its roots would deprive the listener of his/her part in the creation.
He did tell me that some of his songs came in what he called "dreams" and as far as he knew they were not based on any real person. "Angeline" was one of those dream songs.
He and Susie have also led me to believe that many of the subjects of his songs are compilations of several people and situations, just like a novelist will draw from real situations without writing about them exactly.
So the short answer to your questions is that "Angeline" and any other Newbury song is about what you feel when you hear it.

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