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Author:  Joey L.
E-mail:  joefus@itctel.com
Date:  2/27/2006 7:48:19 AM
Subject:  Re: Angeline's
Message:  Welcome the the club, Guido!

I think if you are looking for a definitive answer, you may be disappointed. I have been told that Mickey didn't always reveal the meanings to his work. In that, he left it to various interpretations. Just as Mickey never sang a song exactly as before, you can pick up on something much later on that might have escaped your notice before.

On many a song Mickey kept us fans and friends "in the dark". The one person who might know an answer to some of his riddles would be Susie, and she often is bewildered as to 'who could this or that be?'.

Mickey was creative and an interpreter of Life around us.

We're still trying to figure out if the dragon actually ate that poor little mouse!


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