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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  2/22/2006 8:56:09 AM
Subject:  The peace in the valley is over!
Message:  - "the dane" is coming to AUSTIN!

Eugene, Oregon is "SAFE THIS TIME" and ALSO New York City this JUNE - JULY the year 2006.

MAYBE I move my AUSTIN "speech" to BACK PORCH with more INFO soon!

Some FUN!

My good music friend (have never so far meet him)in the DANISH NATIONAL RADIO, Keld Heick "Mister Music" ("father" of good "pop" music OVER THE LAST 40 years - mostly as top songwriter) reach 60 here the 24th February.

I be there at the RECEPTION in Copenhagen - Keld invited me yesterday - lot of famous music-, show people will come.

Maybe I can tell my Gathering story`s and all the fun we have - NOT any Larry, Larry stories - Will also mention Mister Jimmy Webb.

Also maybe try to get the DANISH TV to show The Mickey Newbury LIVE DVD someday!

Some of the "IN" people in TV/Radio/Music be there.

Keld is much popular, friendly, kind person in the radio as singer on records with wife Hilda and as host in Radio P4 almost one time, each middle week day, 1 hour talk and music over the phone - ordinary danish people phone in and talk.
Keld started as my old friend Tommy P. back in around 1963-64 with pop/rock in Copenhagen and concerts, recordings on vinyl.

I and Jane will be at a small "concert" with great singer Annette Heick (daughter of Hilda and Keld) at hotel Comwell, 20 min. drive from my home 4th March - we stay at the hotel the night (no drunk and driving).
Dinner is include.
Annette have singer/songwriter Søren Sebber Larsen in her band (know him a little) - Søren is a great singer - and a great fan of Mister Webb.
Both Annette and Søren have put out own records.

See you around!

erik "the dane"

 The peace in the valley is over! by erik "the dane" at 2/22/2006 8:56:09 AM
 Re: The peace in the valley is over! by Bree Wilson Stone at 2/22/2006 10:40:32 AM