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Author:  Craig
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Date:  2/12/2006 8:38:16 AM
Subject:  Bill Moran
Message:  "So tell something, Bill. I am having problems keeping my blades straight." Anticipating a reply of fatherly wisdom, he replied, "Yeah, me too."

This is one of the few conversations I had with Mr. Moran on our sporatic talks when we occastioned to be at the same place. One time he told me, "Hit the hammer where you look, don't look where you hit."

Bill Moran, the world's foremost bladesmith, father of modern day damascus steel, passed away in his sleep around 4 this morning.

Now you are asking yourself, what I am doing posting this on Mickey Newbury's website? Well, not only am I a bladesmith but also one that enjoys great music. (Ever here the rhythm of an anvil ring?)

Bill Moran and Mickey also had a couple of other things in common...they were both self-made men and did things their own way. Both weren't too very well known outside their respective fields but were known as masters within. Both were innovative and always thought "outside the box".

Godspeed, Bill. Today the sun isn't shining near as bright...

"I think I want to be alone today..."


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