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Author:  Ckyde B. Keene
E-mail:  300429burt@aros.net
Date:  2/11/2006 9:17:20 PM
Subject:  Re: Hi All.
Message:  Bob & All,

Thanks for the Kind words, for those who are new. From time to time over a period of 26 years or so I attempted to locate Mickey.

For some reason I always thaught he was in or around Nashville, TN..   I finaly I ran across data about Bob's Firm on the internet.

Through his kind assistance he arranged to circulate the tapes to some deditaced people who processed and produced a great recording.

I thank the gentalman in Oregon who did the dubbing, he did a great job, got the best cuts.   

I don't recall the exact figures now, but there was over 600 contestants to start with, I think 15 or 30 finelst.

While processing the tapes, I had many phone calls to/with Susan in Bob's office, my apreciation and thanks go out to her and Bob's staff at his home office.

When Mickey received word about the tapes, he called me here in SLC, UT. several times, leaving messages and thanked me, each time he called, I missed him, (which broke my heart).

Some of you may know how it feels to see fame and tallent receiving awards and recognition, when it was announced that Mickey had won the super grand prise.

I had lumps in my throat and tears of joy while watching on TV, for an American to win such a prestiges award, the song was Heaven Help The Child, it was wonderful, I'll never forget it or the moment.

Thank you all for the support you have given Mickey, his family and friends, the comradery,
respect, and steadfastness is what keeps us all
moving forward.

I'll say more about my accident at a later time, sorry to be so long winded.


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