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Author:  Jonmark
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Date:  2/4/2006 11:28:31 AM
Subject:  Re: Mickey and Larry Jon Wilson
No need for a blush Karen. I didn't mean to imply Larry Jon and I are close.
I met Larry Jon thru Mickey years ago when I spent a couple of days with them in Perdido. They were roomies at the Festival that year.
Their friendship was very special to watch.
I've enjoyed reacquainting with him at the last two events.

He performed at our Silver Moon Newbury night this year and I had some great chats with him over the course of the week. By the way, he brought down the house that night. "Shades of '43" was done with so much love it was almost painful.
Then he broke the tension with "The Way It Was Then". He purposely changed the 10 minute time reference.
"...well maybe 3 minutes... how time it would fly"

I will do my best to let him know about the Gathering dates.
Mickey loved him... so would the Porchers.

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