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Author:  Joe Z
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Date:  2/2/2006 3:11:13 PM
Subject:  Re: Mickey and Larry Jon Wilson
Hi Jackie,

Though I do have the information in raw form, it would take some time to put a list together. My favorite instance follows:

"Mick persuaded Roger Miller to record 'Me and Bobby McGee.' Kristofferson started writing the song while driving between Morgan City and New Orleans. 'It was raining,' he said, 'and the windshield wipers were going. I took an old experience with another girl in another country. I had it finished by the time I got to Nashville.' Mick knew the song was a hit the first time Kristofferson sang it, but persuading Miller was another matter entirely.

'I literally had to grab Roger by the ears to make him listen to it.' Following Mick’s recital of the now famous lines, 'Busted flat in Baton Rouge, headin’ for the train / Feelin’ nearly faded as my jeans,' the King Of The Road exclaimed, 'Hey, that’s pretty good!' Mick answered, 'I’ve been tryin’ to tell you that for three months, Roger!'

Miller promptly went into the studio and cut it. Newbury, Kristofferson and Billy Swan sang backup as The Swanettes, and they had a ball doing it. Janis Joplin later recorded the song, and it reached number one on the rock chart, her only number one. Tragically, the recording first appeared on her posthumous LP, 'Pearl.' Though many a flower-powered hippie misunderstood the lyric, 'Freedom's just another word for nothin left to lose,' Bobby McGee became an anthem during the latter years of the hippie movement. Kristofferson’s career was launched.

There is a bit more to the story, one missing piece. 'I was the first one to cut 'Me and Bobby McGee,' Mick informed Jack Bernhardt during an interview. 'I carried it around with me for... I really basically wanted to get a major artist to cut it cause he (Kristofferson) needed that as a credential, you know.' The question then is... where is that recording? Newbury-Miller-Kristofferson-Joplin fans would love to hear it."

(from C&S pages 108-109)

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