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Author:  Brian
E-mail:  beejayhighley@tiscali.co.uk
Date:  1/22/2006 4:57:50 PM
Subject:  Re: DVD
Message:  Bud

I won't make Oregon this year: partly through lack of funds; more importantly because my wife, Gwyneth, finishes her four years as a mature student - she has completed both an Honours Degree in English Literature and a Post Graduate Cericicate in Education - on July 3 and I must remain near home to offer my continuing support.

I will be in Oregon in spirit and hope the event will be a great success.

I hope to attend Gathering VII when I'll have more free time and more spare cash!! The prospect of my appearance may of course lead to Gathering VII being cancelled but I'd probably attend solo to honour Mickey!!

See you then Bud.

Kindest Rgeards and Best Wishes


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