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Author:  Ron L.
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Date:  1/19/2006 8:33:19 PM
Subject:  Re: GATHERING VI '06: Looks Like Rain
Message:  Well, for me, a very nice surprise since it's only 4 hours away. I know it's far for many but if you can make it, Oregon is a beautiful place and if you can turn it into a vacation, there's a lot to see from beautiful rivers to incredible coastal locations..and trees. There are plenty of trees. I'm not familiar with The Phoenix Inn Suites but I am familiar with Downtown Eugene and it's wonderful place. It has the charm of a college town but it's a good sized place and it's great fun to walk around and there are funy eating places. Most of the big shopping places are outisde of the city proper but not very far. The Newburys can tell you a lot more about it since most of them have lived there for msot of their lives. Try this link: http://reservations.hotel-guides.us/hotel/10006044-11274684O.html
If it doesn't work, just type in Phoenix Inn Suites, Eugene in a search engine.

The Village Green is where Gathering 2 was held. You can check the "Articles" section for what I wrote in 2000. It has changed and is still going through changes at http://www.villagegreenresortandgardens.com/

I was by there a year ago and it looked a lot better then when we were there. It looks like the restaurant might not be open but there are places nearby on the other side of I-5 and there is a Walmart next door. The town of Cottage Grove is maybe a couple of miles away and it's a neat place with several restaurants.

It has special meaning to me since I met Mickey and all the family there but the setting seemed appropiate for the wonderful time we all shared. My guess is the temperature high that time of year would be around the mid 80's and the humidity is usually very low.

I don't know if they have renovated the Cascades Room, but it was really nice with high windows and the acoustics were good.

We would also love to see you in Gold Beach coming or going.

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