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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  1/19/2006 6:19:48 PM
Subject:  Re: GATHERING VI '06: Looks Like Rain
Message:  I believe that it should be noted that Laura spoke with Susan Williamson, Mamie and me before she made this post. The moving of the Gathering to Oregon had nothing to do with the plans that Susan had made for a Texas Gathering, but plans that Laura and Ryan had made for the Songwriter's Festival and its schedule, which would have followed the Texas Gathering.

We knew that very few porch people could afford to do both and to continue with plans for a Texas Gathering would only split the attendance, hurting both. It was decided to throw all of our support and best wishes behind Laura and Ryan's plans.

Gathering II was held at Cottage Grove and, I'm told, was the last time that Mickey tried to perform for a group. I believe it would be wonderful if the Gathering could be held there.

Laura let the idea that she and Ryan have been working on slip (LOL) in her post. I believe that some announcement will be made regarding that event very soon. Those of us who would like to support both the Festival and the Gathering will need to know the dates so we may make the proper arrangements.

Sylvia and I are looking forward to visiting that part of the country for the first time. I hope that everyone who loves Mickey and the entire Newbury clan will do their best to be in Oregon the last week in June.

Love & Light

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