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Author:  Duke
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Date:  1/19/2006 5:13:36 PM
Subject:  Re: GATHERING VI '06: Looks Like Rain
I have been there, where your Dad lived.
Sat where he sat, looked out on fields
he looked out on, saw his jacket, boots
and golf clubs in the open closet.

I woke up to Susie making me a cup of
clandestine coffee at dawn, sang a song
under the stained-glass lampshade with
his baby daughter, stood on the porch
and had a smoke as the dogs scattered
the dew like so many broken necklaces.

I went walking through a small country
cemetery with Susie and the two girls,
found the stone with ~*~ on it.

This is where he lived, where he wrote
his last song. This is also where his
family convinced me there are many
more songs to be written, and sung.
And many more times to gather.

I know this: When I read your post,
Shiner, I started to cry.


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