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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  lhunsaker@oregonmed.net
Date:  1/19/2006 3:16:10 PM
Subject:  GATHERING VI '06: Looks Like Rain
Message:  Familes that play together, stay together!!
GATHERING VI: 2006: Looks Like Rain
The Gathering this year will be held in Eugene, Oregon!
Come see the state that Mickey Newbury loved and hated so much. Golf the same courses he did, visit his beautiful grave site, meet other close friends who were here in the final days...

I know this will come as a shock to many people, but in light of the frustrations that have come from deciding a site for this year's gathering, we feel like our family -- the porch family -- needs a change!
Gathering VI: Looks Like Rain (heh heh) will be held June 23rd, 24th, and 25th in Eugene, Oregon. We are still debating between two hotel sites: The Village Green in Cottage Grove, or The Poenix Resort in Eugene. More details coming soon!
The Newbury family is working diligently on a plan to shuttle people two and from the Portland (2 hrs away) and Eugene (20 min away) airports upon arrival and departure.
Whether or not there will be a Mickey Newbury Songwriter's Competition (woops, I let Ryan's secret out!) held in conjunction with the Gathering is still up in the air. We are doing our best to get both done, and all parties willing, this will be the biggest party to ever hit the northwest! *grin*

We plan on continuing the tradition of holding open and scheduled shows, family lunches/dinners, off-site gigs, tribute presentations, a silent auction, and much needed hot tub time!
So start thinking of what you want to bring to the silent auction, what T-shirt size you are THIS year, and who you want to hug first!!
Hoist all the sails boys, we're comin' to Oregon!

Feel free to email questions and concerns to:


If you have complaints, please email Larry Moore. He is now the head of the customer support department! heh heh heh...

On behalf of all of us here in Oregon,

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