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Author:  SusanW
E-mail:  susanjwilliamson@verizon.net
Date:  1/11/2006 8:17:37 PM
Subject:  Gathering VI, 06
Message:  Gathering VI, 06 Dellago Golf Resort, Lake Conroe, Texas
June 23rd, 24th & 25th

I have been waiting since August to be able to present this news to you. I found a gathering location in Mamie's "neighborhood" but had to wait until after the new year began, when their books opened for this year's calendar. Mamie and Pete toured the property last saturday and reported back that it is beautiful. The price for the least expensive room is only $6.00 more per night, ($75.00) but, all the "rooms" are suites with kitchenettes! The 18 Lakeside Villas with 2 bedrooms have full kitchens and sleep up to 6 for $135.00 per night. Our informal gathering, community meals, and jam sessions (think 155) could all be located in these 1800 sq ft cottages. Dellago is 45 minutes from Houston's George Bush International Airport.   There is a shuttle van service which can be arranged, or for those with budget issues, Jerry and Brenda have offered to mobilize their friends to help with transportation. They have an amphitheatre for our performances. There is a lakeside beach and a pool for swimming with a 24/7 hot tub.
There are several restaurants on property. No meals are included with the room price but the breakfast buffet is available at a discounted price for our group. We could add breakfast type food to our community meals plan. There is also a super walmart right outside the property where food may be purchased for your own room kitchen.
There are a lot of unsettled issues with this location, including whether you all want to go there, if we want to have a catered banquet meal, and how to structure the registration fee to keep it as low as possible, probably a menu based on what extras you will want. So, I'm just going to throw this up for your comments, and ask you to look at the website. www.dellago.com

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