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Author:  Toni Jolene
E-mail:  tonijclay@comcast.net
Date:  12/19/2005 1:03:24 PM
Subject:  Re: Oakley Reed, Please read
Message:  I just returned from Vaderbilt, where I visited and prayed with Oakley, and Judy C., and Oakley's Mom & Dad. They were coming to get him to take him to surgery where they will insert drain tubes to alleviate the fluid from his lungs. They are planning to let him return home as soon as possible. Oakley is in some discomfort, and the procedure should help his breathing. Please pray for Cheryl and Joe, as well as Oakley. They are in a most difficult time. The options are so limited at this time. I'm sure Judy will post when she is able.
Love to you all,
Toni Jolene

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