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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  12/12/2005 10:41:31 AM
Message:  Driving into the Big Thicket can be a lot of fun. There's nothing to match being stuck behind a truck leaking desel fuel on a two lane highway (?)
for about fifty miles. Once you reach Porter, you know that Mamie's place can't be far. You also learn that you could be wrong, especially if
the directions you were given came from the Madam of Menard....who also said..."If you get lost just call my cell phone.", Which she turned off as soon as she arrived.

With the help of the McKamy cop, who wondered why we were driving so slow trying to locate a sign which would tell us what road we were on, we found the "NO TAB BAR"....where the party was at least a couple of hours a head of us.

Now, those of you who think that Lady Mamie is the queen of the Gatherings have never seen her in her own backyard. A packed bar will part like Moses' Red Sea when she waves her hand.

The first folks I saw were Dave and Larry Larry sitting at the same table, throwing down Bar-B-Q that was supplied by Felix and Barbara, the next was Lady Mamie who almost dropped her plate when she saw me. 27 days away from a major operation and she didn't have a clue that Sylvia and I would be able to come. The next hug I got was from Laura Shayne, who might have made me slip a stich, but it was worth it. Then came Kasey Jones, who had flown in from Nashville, Larry and Gayle Book, who brought the sound system all the way from Flordia. Mamie's new husband, Pete, felt right at home with all of these Porch People that he was able to match to the names he learned at Gathering V. Sue Ann Zerre and Susan Williamson were attracting the effections of the single(?)cowboys in the bar and Laura's hubby, Ryan, was learning the Texas rules to 8 Ball on the pool tables.

Our official hosts, Brenda & Jerry Newbury, were all over the place...well Brenda was, Jerry was busy trying to find a t-time for Kevin Johnson and a few others on Sunday morning. (Cowboy was playing a house concert in Wylie)

The non-smokers in the crowd took off for Brenda and Jerry house and the smokers followed close behind. The Newbury's home (and Mamie's) is designed for fun. The lower level is one giant room that combines a wonderful couch that swallows you, a wet bar and a beautiful four poster bed. Out the back is a covered patio that can be enclosed and heated by rolling down custom made cloth sides. Upstairs is designed along the same lines with the biggest TV made and two bedrooms and an office. It also has an outdoor patio that overlooks the beauty of the Texas Piney Woods.

After a few hours of hugs and conversation we head back to the Executive Inn in Porter, stopping at the I-Hop where we are joined by the Books, SueAnn and Kasey.

Sunday, it starts all over again. We are joined by Randy Dodds and the group from the night before invade a cafe called "The Hot Biscut", who has this wonderful breakfast buffet. From there its back to Brenda & Jerry's, where we found Larry Larry is kidnapping Laura Shayne with the excuse that he's taking her to see his new grand-daughter. (I'm not sure she was going of her own free will) We all then headed for Mamie & Pete's new home, which is a beautiful one story, white brick, located on a huge lot in McKamy. Mamie is in the process of stocking the place with new furniture and a few items that requre some assembly. All of the gifts have been transported here from the No Tab Bar and Mamie says she didn't sleep much the night before trying to figure out what was in a few packages. I have to admit that the one that Sylvia and I brought was at the top of her list. It turns out that it was a five foot long wind chime that I had to assemble and hang on the back patio. Wrapping paper and bows were flying fast and Madam Mamie made out like a bandit.

From there we took a 25 mile ride to "THE MARINA". I've forgotten the name of the lake, but the view was wonderful. We wanted to hang in for the sunset, which we had been told is beautiful, but I had pushed my body about as far as possible and facing a four hour drive back to Venus we said our goodbyes, got our hugs and got to say hello and goodbye to Cowboy Johnson who arrived about the time we were leaving.

Sylvia kept asking me how I was holding up and all I could think of was if we had to rent a van to get me there, I would have done it. Just viewing the youth and energy of this 85 year old lady made me realize how much living I've got left if I just drink Lone Star Beer and go dancin' five nights a week...to hell with what the doctor's tell me!   

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