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Author:  Judy W.
E-mail:  Bellavim714@aol.com
Date:  10/9/2003 9:02:18 AM
Subject:  Randy D & His Mother
Message:  Quick update on Randy and his Mother, Mom came through the surgery, is in ICU but they hope to move her into a room today. Randy is hanging in there but is very tired. We talked today about how many people are praying for his Mother and that the Doctor was kinda afraid to do this surgery on her because she is so weak and all that has gone on in the last 2 weeks....Randy had to make the decision to go ahead with the surgery trusting that the out come whatever it was, would be God's will. She made it, and that is the power of prayer on this Porch my Friends, Front and Back. We will contuine to pray for Randy, his Mother, and entire family.....

Judy W.

 Randy D & His Mother by Judy W.  at 10/9/2003 9:02:18 AM
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