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Author:  Texasroyce
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/21/2005 7:50:16 AM
Subject:  Re: New address and phone #
Message:  LL, do I have sympathy for you? Oh yeah. We left an 8800 Sq. foot property full of furnishings and moved into a 485 Sq. Ft. apartment after 28 years of accumulations. Every single utility ignored my change of address and sent me no bill for 4 months and then mysteriously they found me and sent threatening letters. I emailed everyone on my list and told them my new address. 90% ignored it. People I owed money to found me fast. The city has taken 3 months and still no permits to rebuild my other house. Permits have cost over 25 Thousand and still we wait. Contractor bought his vacation house, built it and is living in it during the time.

Now, I am going to ignore your change of address too. (Unless you have homemade vanilla Blue Bell.

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