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Author:  richard a seinfeld
E-mail:  rasnyc20@aol.com
Date:  10/3/2005 1:48:28 AM
Subject:  Re: ABOUT COVERS
Message:  I am not talking about the people mentioned in reply posts. I'm talking about when word is on the street that a major artist whose cds always end up in the top 5 (we already know it can be country, soul, pop,Americana. probably rap or classical as well)is looking for material for a new cd - why doesn't Sony (who I understand bought Acuff-Rose) go thru this great, great, great, wealth of material and try to find something appropriate for that artist.
I'll bet almost anybody here can find success at such an endeavor. For example, I often find myself singing 'Blue Sky Shining.' There has got to be somebody very big who would love doing that song. Since I got that 38 minute montage of many Newbury songs I find myself singing a lot of his songs all during the day.

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