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Author:  Ed Heffelfinger
E-mail:  austinpickers@yahoo.com
Date:  10/1/2005 10:37:51 PM
Subject:  A California Yankee in Chairman Mao's Court
Message:  Just a note to say howdy to everyone. I'm still as far from anywhere as I can get...sittin' smack in the middle of China. I'm still doing my video thing. Working on a couple of projects here. I'm teaching English and American Culture to some incredible young people at Zhongzhou University. I gotta say, this is one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time with the knowledge you have and do something with that knowledge? That's what it's like living and working here. It's kinda like America...1950's. A society that's just exploding. With the salary from my teaching and the money I make from a few of my DVD projects from the past, I'm living pretty darn well. The standard of living here is about a dozen times better than back home (money wise folks!). Yep, it's a Communist country but you'd have to look hard to realize it. It's truly a land that's changing right before my very eyes. I've got a new project coming up in the spring...I'm going to promote some American music shows in the universities here...and of course shoot video of them. The young people are hungry for American entertainment. Gonna see what I can do about that. I've been exchanging emails with Graham Nash about bringing CSN here. They're excited at the prospect. It would be so great to shoot video of them singing on The Great Wall.
I read a mension about Mick in Bob Dylan's bio today. Took me back to my last conversation with Mickey...I had just returned from my first trip to China and was getting ready to come back. He was so excited to hear of my adventures. Mickey asked me to bring him back some silk pajamas. Mick told me to hurry up to Oregon to see him. I was soooo busy I couldn't get up there. Soon after he was gone. God, I'm still kickin' myself in the butt for not dropping everything and going up there.
It's a rainy day in China and you're really on my mind Mick.
Can't wait to see that DVD. I wanna show it to my students. They had never heard of The Beatles...I showed them the DVD of the first appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show from 1964. Blew them away. I'm going to turn them on to Bob Dylan next week. Gawd...this really is a trip!
Anyhow, hello everyone. And RB, if you're reading this...a special howdy to you. I know you're having a blast in a foreign country too! I still have those songs you sent me. Know you're gonna do something great with them when the time is right. They're darn good!
More soon I promise.

 A California Yankee in Chairman Mao's Court by Ed Heffelfinger  at 10/1/2005 10:37:51 PM
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