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Author:  Ron L.
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Date:  9/24/2005 1:41:42 AM
Subject:  Coast To Coast
Message:  2 weeks ago, the owners of the little radio station came to the staff(that would be Bill Bailey, the morning guy and Program director, and me with my 2 hour shift) and said they wanted to something to help the victims of Katrina on KGBR...www.kgbr.com. Their names are Dale and Diana St. Marie and what they wanted was from the heart.

We decided to do a six hour special not just with pleas for donations but to talk to as many officials we could get reflecting on the future regarding their various specialties. So 4 people came together and produced an incredibly well produced 6 hours for a 3,000 watt station that reaches maybe 30,000 people.

Every hour on the hour, we alternated between going to the streaming audio of WWL in New Orleans and KTRH in Houston as Rita began to roar. In between we talked to a woman from nearby Hunter Creek whose aunt and uncle lived on the shore of Ponchartian and she has been unable to contact them or get any information. She was close to tears as she thought they might be on their way to Galvestion(of all places).

We had a call from Wayne who had a contact with the Galveston P.D. who called this woman who called us back and said she talked to the P.D. and they put them on the list. You know what she had for the first time in a month?

Hope. God, how we all need hope.

We spoke with a Captain from the Oregon National Guard who had just returned from Louisiana who said..yes the Guard is spread thin. But the Oregon contingent was responsible
for 40 percent of Louisiana and 80 percent of New Orleans. They had a lot to do with preventing the looting but nothing prepared them for what they faced there. Not even Iraq.
There was pride and compassion in his voice.

In all, we had 11 guests from the Humane Society speaking to the difficulty of checking the animals for disease before being able to send them to other shelters and owners.. .to an expert on federal housing.....to a local woman who worked with Children's Services....to the Gold Beach Police Chief who said all the felons released during Katrina will probably never be prosecuted and that the sex offenders problens was scary. He also said the " Meth" problem in our Curry County was epidemic and equally rampant in the rest of the country.

It was a powerful, passionate, and compelling six hours of radio. We blended all these interviews with music by Randy Newman, Ray Charles, Mickey Newbury, Alabama, etc. It is so wonderful to have the FREEDOM to make instant and spontaneous decisions. To be able to have a volunteer in Houston tell of of the wonder and awe of the children as they got off the bus from Hell and a finding a bright room with caring warm people and places to draw and play games.....and then to be able to segue straight into "Hard Times Come Again No More" by Mavis Staples..is more of an spiritual high than I can put into words.

My friend Bill is a wonder and keeps me from going too far astray by remembering the local angle and remembered to ask our guest meteorologist to compare the 100 mile storms we get in our low lying coast to the hurricanes. He also has to reunite my CD's with their jewel cases since I am extremely disorganized.

I have always said that Larry King and all like him give constant thanks to their producers for making them look so good by getting the right people. Diana St. Marie was constantly on the phone or computer for 2 weeks getting many who were truly busy including the News Director of WWL(who was on his cell phone telling us of the water once again covering I-10) along with County and State officials and experts.

Our logo is "The Bridge". Today we were the bridge from the Curry Coast to the Gulf Coast.

Dale St. Marie was dealing with a new phone system that wouldn't work and kept our streaming audio right on time. Dale is also Assistant Fire Chief and with little or no profit, along with Diana, has kept this radio station going for almost 20 years. The entire station would fit in the lobby at KCBS.

So it was a good day. I was fortunate to be part of the group Peabody Award for our coverage of the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989.

Today was no less and in many ways, more.


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