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Author:  Enfinger
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Date:  10/6/2003 8:47:15 PM
Subject:  Hilton Head report
Message:  Wonderful ... our trip to Hilton Head Island, SC was absolutely wonderful ... on the way over my cell phone rang & Jonmark explained he'd gotten my last email too late to reply & wanted us to know he was looking forward to the visit ... ended the conversation with, "See ya, Pal". I didn't realize until that moment that Mickey was the last to say that to me. Knew it was gonna be a "special" time.

We found the Santa Fe Cafe, where Jonmark was performing, & sat with Margaret Miller & her musician friend Annie ... I thought of Bill Smith. Customers there seemed to really enjoy Jonmark's music ... he sang many of Mickey's songs & took request ... he sang "Truly Blue" for Kathy & his song "Choosing Up Sides" for me ... close to quittin' time two stragglers showed up hungry ... enter Papajohn & sweet Memesue. Very enjoyable evening.

Saturday we joined back together at the campground for food & fellowship ... several VERY interesting stories emerged from questions like, "Tell us how you two met"? ... Sue & John have a story you need to hear ... lots of laughs & a growing love for these two ... Margaret Miller has stories also ... fascinating ... edge-of-your-seat kinda thriller that you MUST hear ... we look forward to hearing more of Margaret & her adventures.

Saturday evening at The Boat House restaurant Jonmark continued to spread the sounds of Newbury to new listeners & "Old Friends" too ... Blue Skies Shining for Kathy ... a very soulful blues version of Why You Been Gone So Long ... special songs for "special" regulars from Lightfoot & Clapton & Haggard ... an English tune for "The Englishman" ... a beautiful merging of 33rd of August & Cortelia Clark ... others like Doggone My Soul, Weed is a Weed (seed business theme song), Willow Tree, Truly Blue/Roll On, & Sweet Memories ... & then with the moon shining from above he played for me, When I Heard Newbury Sing ... that brought us to our feet ... thank you Jonmark ... thanks for the memories & thanks for carrying the fire ... through you, our friend Mickey Newbury lives. I will remember always, the night you made so special for Kathy & I & our new friends, Papajohn & Memesue ... thanks!!!

Sunday we had a brief but totally wonderful visit from our own special MgM ... Margaret stopped by on her way to church & shared a few more stories ... I hope I can be a part of her book ... like... the publisher ... it will have to be a BEST SELLER!!! Thank you MgM ... thank you Sue & John ... & Jonmark, please let your family know we appreciate them "sharing" you with us ... it was a magical time.

Pleasant listening,


PS: now someone tell me about the #155 ...

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