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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/7/2005 3:17:04 PM
Subject:  Sorry 'bout that!
Message:  As a dibetic, you learn things all the time about how your body works. A change in my meds a couple of months ago when the FDA pulled a medication called Avandamet off the market, has led to first one thing and then another...all not so good. I started feeling different about a month ago and went to the doctor, which resulted in a return to the original med, which the FDA now has given the green light. I was lax in keeping track of my blood sugar until last weekend, when all of my energy went down the drain. My initial shock came when I hit 427 on my testing gizmo. Following a strict diet and doubling up on my pills got my blood sugar down to the mid 200's...still not good. I haven't had the energy to walk from the couch to the frig since Sunday, so I have not been to the office. Today I got my butt chewed by my doctor and was given a script for insulin, which I must inject for the next five days.

To those of you who have tried to e-mail me, I am unable to access my e=mail here at the house. My computer seems to be as unhappy with me as my doc.
I hope to be back in the office by Friday.

Sorry if you've been trying to reach me...just send some good thoughts my way. I won't be this dumb again.

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