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Author:  jeffD
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Date:  8/15/2005 4:09:02 PM
Subject:  Re: Enough!
Message:  Thanks Ron. Well said as usual. No wonder you made a living talking. I've only been two two gatherings. At Cottage Grove I was working much of the time on my Public Broadcasting documenatary. At gathering four, I just enjoyed the spirit of so many people who shared the emotional power of music and especially the music of Mickey. It's a remarkable thing really. People come from all over the world, not to see a famous performer, just to be with other people who love what they love. I laughed and I cried ..and I remembered and dreamed. It was uplifting and I loved it.
An event of that scale, while it may seem casual, doesn't just happen. Some people like Susan, Roy and Cowboy and others invested lots of time, energy, and even money to pull it off.
I haven't joined in the discussion so far because I don't think I've done enough to earn the right to have my opinion considered. But now I would like to echo some of what Ron said.
The people who should decide on where and what the next gathering will be are the Newbury family and the people who are going to do the organization and the work. I've seen these people work their magic. I trust them. Just let me know where and when and I'll do my best to be there. And I'll help if I can.
There are some very special people in this Newbury porch family. Let's not lose that over trivial differences. jeffD

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