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Author:  Mike C
E-mail:  mrcrr-1@excite.com
Date:  8/6/2005 5:43:38 PM
Subject:  Update on Judy,Day Five

   Dear Porch Friends

   I have been keeping everyone posted on the
   back porch in regards to my wife Judy,
   however some of you are unable to get into
   the back porch, so allow me to update you.

   As I had mentioned and as many of you are
   aware, Judy developed an Infection in her
   left arm early thursday morning from the
   IV's .

   We had anticipated that she might possibly
   have been released today, however the
   medical team has opted to keep her awhile

   Judy was doing and feeling better today
   than yesterday, but still getting as much
   rest as she can.

   They have begun giving her antibiotics to
   kill the infection, and have given her
   shots to prevent clots from developing in
   her body/system.

   Once the Medical team has determined that
   the medications and antibiotics being given
   have killed her infection, and she otherwise
   looks OK, we anticipate that she will be
   released to come home and recuperate and
   gain her energy and be back to normal.

   I will continue to keep you all updated
   until her return as needed.

   Much love to all of you
   Her Loving Husband
   Mike C, and the Family

 Update on Judy,Day Five by Mike C  at 8/6/2005 5:43:38 PM