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Author:  texas2step
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/31/2005 6:12:13 PM
Subject:  Re: Cajun Music Festival, September 16-18
Message:  Craig, checked out the list of entertainers and Wayne Toups is the guy we like so well at the Traders Village tribute to cajun music. I would love to see him again. My birthday is that Friday of the festival so maybe I can talk Peter into it as a present. We had met a couple a year or so ago at the marina and the woman was cajun and she began to talk cajun french. Peter understood alot of what she said and spoke back to her but she began to correct him on his French. The french he learned was when he was in culinary school while in Switzerland. She kept on him to speak it the way she did. This went on for a long time till Peter finally got her to let up on him.. She may be small but she is a fiesty little thing... Peter and I watched Doug Kershaw last night on a Heart to Heart music show on RFD tv. He said he just went back to his homeplace in louisiana and purchased a home there. He said I just had to get back to my roots. It was so good to see him again....

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