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Author:  Virginia
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Date:  7/31/2005 6:57:16 AM
Subject:  Re: Cajun Music Festival, September 16-18
Message:  Craig,Comment Ca Va ? I wish I could be there :( ~I checked out the site and all the groups I love will be performing. We never got to talk about my recent trip to "Acadiana" . I just love the culture , the people are so friendly the food amazing !I notice "Feu Follet" is performing try to get to the park for that ,they are a young group the female singer is fluent in the Cajun French.....I'll have my Cajun fix over labor day weekend. lol We have a "Rythm and Roots " festival going on in Charlestown, Rhode Island....one of my favorite groups "Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys" will be playing there.I'm gonna try   for "Louizian" but I doubt it...La Quinta is in a great location you can walk to the park.....if you can't get a res. there   try the "Best Suites" we stayed there ....they are great, a breakfast buffet is included in the room rate. check this web site out !http://www.rhythmandroots.com/rr_artists.cfm

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