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Author:  Toni Jolene
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/30/2005 4:42:06 PM
Subject:  Re: Covers List
Message:  Hey Joe,
I want to thank you for those very kind words you wrote in response to my Mom. By the way, there are two more covers, not listed. They are "Lie To Me Darlin" and "Where Do I Go To Surrender", which I recorded in Nashville on a project with Larry Butler. As a matter fact, Mick recorded "Surrender" (from the 'barn tapes', at the same time. I'm considering releasing them sometime in the not too distant future...date TBA! ;-)! We shall see. But again, thanks Joe!
Hello to all the Porchers!
Toni Jolene
ps Joe, do I recall correctly that you live in the Indianapolis area?

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