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Author:  Judy C.
E-mail:  Bellavim714@comecast.net
Date:  7/30/2005 7:27:30 AM
Message:  Now that I have said it I feel a little better lol but honestly I am somewhat fearful, in 72 hours I will be going into Mass. General Hospital in Boston to undergo surgery ro repair the clot on the left side of my brain with coils. And even though I have been through it 3 years ago that hasn't seem to make it any eaiser.

Becaise of the bad headaces this clot has caused me I haven't spent much time on the comp, but I do make it a point to read whats going on. There are many things I would like to thank you for.... shareing your memories of The Gathering with me since I couldn't be there, you just don't relize how much it meant to be there through your words and pictures. And for shareing all your stories about your life, the good and the bad and the funny little things you post that keep me laughing ( LL ring any bells? speaking of "Bell think you could sneak me in some Blue Bell???. To sum it all up Thank you for shareing your life with me. You are all very special people that I love with all my heart. And last but NOT least I you have made my wonderful husband and my Pops feel right at home here, there are no words to express my deep feelings for these 2 wonderful men.

I won't be on the comp very much between now and Tuesday morning but Mike will check in. Amber BamBam my daughter) is flying in tonight!!

My surgery starts at 8:00am Tuesday morning, I will be in ICU for a few days then be moved to a regular room after that. Surgery will take between 8 to 12 hours (I am hoping for a lot less lol) I ddon't have the main number to Mass. General right here with me but maybe Mike or V can post it later. Mike will also post on how things came out and he and my Mother will be calling those who wish to know right after the surgery.

Remember how special each of you are and how much you help people and mean to people. You are Earth Angels. Always be kind to eachother.

My cell phone # is 615-481-3041

With all my heart I Love You,
Judy C.

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