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Author:  JImM
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Date:  7/21/2005 7:15:38 AM
Message:  I have stated, restated and will state again; the success of our Gatherings is directly proportional to the effort put forth by the Porchers who worked so tirelessly to insure just that. For the last 3 years Roy and Susan W have provided this guiding force. Sure it was a labor of love, but it certainly must have been wearing. I believe both should receive a plaque attesting to that fact from this group. They also require a rest from their labors. God love ya’

Some time back, Roy stated, if anyone could come up with a plan that equaled or closely paralleled our Austin situation- Give It A Shot! For some reason, it got me to thinking.
I asked myself, where would I prefer to be during the spring of the year? The answer: A NO BRAINER------- Southern Indiana and Kentucky. From my jaundice view, it’s the most beautiful spot on this Earth: therefore, I would like you to consider this area as a possible location for Gathering VI. There are advantages and disadvantages to any location. Louisville is not AUSTIN!! I have had the time of my life while attending. If the Gathering continues in Austin, that’s fine; however, I will travel to any location it is held. As you know, Mick’s music was never bound by an Earthly location. He had us taking a bus from England to St Lou. His locations were coordinates in and of the Heart. In lieu of this, I believe, we are not tied or bound to any location.

At this time, I would like to suggest Jeffersonville, Indiana as a possible location for our next Gathering. Jeffersonville is located directly across from Louisville, Kentucky and is separated only by the Ohio River. The view is breath taking. On the banks of the Ohio and in Jeffersonville is the Ramada Inn. It is a 10 stories high structure with a view of the Louisville Skyline that is unparalleled. Its rooms are spacious and very pleasant. Its conference room will seat 500 people. I have talked to Ramada Management and they have stated they would be proud and eager to house our Gathering. The rooms would go for sixty- nine (69) dollars per night plus tax. The Conference Room would be comped. Unfortunately, there is no room 155; however, the rate for an executive suite is $155 per night (Spooky!)   The Hotel is located in what as referred to as “Greater Louisville”. Louisville’s Airport is designated an INTERNATION AIRPORT and is located approximately seven miles from the Ramada. The hotel will provide shuttle service to and from the airport and other desired locations. The amenities of the area are as follows:
1.Churchill Downs … the most famous and historic racetrack in the WORLD! Its meet runs from the first week prior to the Kentucky Derby to July 5th. It is located less than 15 minutes from the Ramada
2.Caesars’ Casino and Golf Course… located on the Ohio River in Harrison County, Indiana and less than 25 miles from Ramada.
3.Mohammad Ail Museum Scheduled to open the fall. Located in Louisville directly in the views of the Ramada.
4.Waterfront Park… Located on the banks of the Ohio and in full view of the Ramada. This is a newly renovated area and provides entertainment and security to anyone who strolls or rides a horse drawn carriage along its route.
5.Hillerich and Bradsby. Home of the Louisville Slugger Bat and in full view of the Ramada. Tours are conducted regularly and it houses of the largest bat in the World! Actually, the bat rests immediate to the building and is much taller.
6.Belle of Louisville, The Star of Louisville and various other River Boats that provide evening dinner cruses. Nothing like being on the river in the evening!
7.Covered Bridge Golf Course… Located in Clark County and the home course of PGA Professional, FUZZY ZOELLER
8.4th Street Live. Located in Louisville and within 3 minutes of the Ramada. Provides entertainment and dining pleasures for the area.
9The Green Way. Parks and walking route along the Ohio River. Located close to the Ramada
10.New Albany, Indiana … The home of George Washington’s Stepson. It also afforded residence to Robert E Lee during his days with the Army Corps of Engineers and his dredging of the Ohio River. The steamboat, Robert E Lee, was built on its Ohio River Bank. I imagine “Ole Jake” would lay down his fiddle to be there! Mary Todd Lincoln’s Family owned a great deal of the land in and around New Albany.
11.My Old Kentucky Home… Located in Bardstown, Kentucky. Home of the Stephen Foster Story. This story has been told for the past 40+ years. Located an hour from the Ramada.
12.Abraham Lincoln Birth Place … Hodgenville, Kentucky. You can feel and see history. One Hour Drive from the Ramada

There are many more attractions; many of which I am not aware. I love this place and feel anyone would benefit from a visit.

I am only offering this location as a possible site. If consensus disapproves, then it will be withdrawn. If Miss Mamie doesn’t cotton to the idea, consider it never mentioned.


I Love You All

PS Later, I will be sending Kurt Milliken, Colorado Kidd, approximately 75 pictures of the area. I wish you to see what I already have.

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