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Author:  Joey L.
E-mail:  joefus@itctel.com
Date:  7/18/2005 8:16:35 PM
Subject:  Re: Some things never change
Message:  Hi Joe,

Well, some things do change. I have noticed that Larry is pretty good at posting ONCE. I am the one who has discovered his 'secret' and have posted twice more than once. DARN THAT BACK BUTTON.

But, you are right. Bobbie Rae still steals my heart, and Mamie loves me (too).

Guess you could have just said ... DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!!! (Or you mess with me!!!)

Our dinner across the freeway with Jim M, Dorothy, you and I will forever stand out as a memorable occasion from G5. I appreciate having sup' w/ you.

Joey L.

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