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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  lmooremnm@yahoo.com
Date:  7/17/2005 7:47:00 PM
Subject:  Re: Karley Update
Message:  THanks for posting that Dave. I had no computer so I called Dave.

Karley was taken to the Texas Childrens Hospital ER. Great folks there. What we feared was blood was uric acid crystals. When the young female doctor saw her diapers that Suzette and Monica were smart enough to take with them, she just smiled and said " Well I have good news" and proceeded to tell us what it was. They also said that even if it were a small amount of blood that it wasn't a big deal. The other problem that concerned Monica is that Karley hadn't Pooped since Thursday. Well while there she pooped a world record setting dump. Her jaundice wasn't that bad either with a 16 on the bilirubin (sp?) scale. They said when it gets over 21 is when they get worried. God bless you all for your prayers and concern. I feel that everyone here has had a hand in getting that baby here with you prayers.
We got home and there was a huge roast dinner made by one of Monica's friends. They have more food in that place than a Wal Mart Super Center.

One other neat thing is that the lady that brought the food was talking about her teenage daughter and how mouthy she is. Monica told her to hang on because she and Suzette used to fight like cats and dogs but now " My momma is my best friend ". Can't beat that.

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