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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  lmooremnm@yahoo.com
Date:  7/12/2005 8:46:02 PM
Subject:  Karely
Message:  Karley Rae Stanley is a beautiful little girl that already owns the hearts of her family. Things really have changed since we had Monica. Now it’s birthing rooms and a zillion people come in. Monica and Billy are truly blessed with many friends and family members that love them. There are so many presents that it will take several loads to get it all to the car.

Billy’s stepmother has relatives that were scheduled to have a C section performed today. Just like Billy and Monica they were very excited about the new addition to their little family. Complications sat in and the baby died a day or so ago.   The funeral is Friday.

Thank you for sharing in our joy but now could you please share in your prayers for this young couple? I don’t even know their names but it pains me deeply.   I guess we will never know all the answers to WHY but we still keep asking.

It’s an old poem but Billy’s stepmother requested a copy for them.

Love you guys and thanks again.

LL and Suzette


We were ready in pink.
We were ready in blue.
We were ready for a Miracle and that Miracle was you.

The crib was in place.
The carousel too.
A few months from now our Miracle was due.

You’d have the best clothes.
And attend the best schools.
You’d learn about Jesus and follow His rules.

We heard your heart beat.
Saw your picture that day.
Now, precious, Miracle. you’ve been taken away.

We don’t understand.
We just sit and cry.
Wish someone could tell us the answer to “Why?”.

Arms that won’t hold you.
Nor eyes watch you sleeping.
We put you in God’s hands, for the safe keeping.

The weather man said,
“Sunshine today”.
But inside our hearts the world is all gray.

It must be God’s will.
Yet we don’t agree.
The reason for this? Someday we might see.

I straighten the pillow.
Where your head was to lay.
And hold to the faith, that we’ll meet you someday.

We were ready in pink.
We were ready in blue.
We’ll be ready in heaven when we get to hold you.
Larry D. Moore

 Karely by larry larry  at 7/12/2005 8:46:02 PM
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