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Author:  Lois
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Date:  7/10/2005 10:42:01 PM
Subject:  Pray for Matt.....
Message:  Posted - 07/10/2005 : 22:39:40              

I have thought about this for a long time. Karen R convinced me to post this request. My step-grandson Matt ran away on Easter and is still missing. He is 15. My daughter is his step mother. He is one of a boy/girl twin set. A year before he ran away he decided he wanted to live with his biological mother full time. His sister stayed with her dad and my daughter. He had a fight with his mother on Easter and packed his suitcase and left. He has been reported as a run away. He has been spotted twice since he left and has not been seen or heard from since then. You have to wonder where a kid would stay and not be found by the police in all that time. He lives in La Mirada which is a district in LA. When I go to sleep at night I wonder where he is and if he has a place to lay his head. It is driving me crazy. We had a good relationship and I am surprised that I have not heard from him. Please pray that he is safe and returns to us.

Thank you for your prayers in advance. The worry is ruining my health. You hear so many bad things about missing kids that it is hard not to worry.

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