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Author:  Elton and Sallie N.
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Date:  7/8/2005 8:48:53 PM
Subject:  10 Good Things!
Message:  We just reread the posts since July 4th and they were all so full of such good news that we just had to list some that made us happy.

1. Joop's wonderful news about Henriette.

2. Karen's news that her daughters were OK in London.

3. Seeing Gerry post and knowing he was OK too.

4. Mamie's "writing style" and the privilege of having Mamie for a friend.

5. Seeing Judy C's post. We were worried about her and missed her at G5.

6. Toni Jolene's Mom joining the family too. What nice folks to be "kin" to there are on this porch!

7. Mr.Bush's safe trip to Denmark and Erik's eloquent report of it!!

8. Sue Meares' birthday and PapaJohn remembering it.

9. Now a new item. LISTEN UP LL!! Blue Bell has come to Clarksville. Went to Krogers and across the entire Dairy aisle was a banner that said "Blue Bell is here from a little Texas town called Brenham" . We bought some and after feasting on a bountiful bowl, Elton's assessment was: "Wow, it's almost good as Breyer's!" The only downside,he added, is that "with every spoonful I think of LL."

10. Sunday (July 10) is our 35 Wedding Anniversary. How in the world did that happen??

Now if Dennis will just pack up and leave the Pahlmans,Books, Gilchrists et al. alone, we'll have some more happy posts on Monday.

Good night all,

 10 Good Things! by Elton and Sallie N. at 7/8/2005 8:48:53 PM
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