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Author:  Craig
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/8/2005 2:54:09 PM
Subject:  Re: erik are well - but clean up ...
Message:  Erik,
     I live with a kindergarten teacher, also known as my darlin' wife Janet, that has all this stuff in those see through plastic crates that Wal-Mart sells. I don't mind all this junk, uh, I mean stuff except she keeps telling that "someday" she is going to take all to storage...which is another thing, we are paying close to a hundred dollars a month to keep all of this stuff and she keeps buying more stuff! I WISH we had a basement!

At least I don't have it as bad as Larry Larry. He has to build a new house just a place to store all his kindergarten teacher's (also known as Suzette) stuff!

Glad to see you back home and safe and sound and back in the routine.


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