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Author:  JoAnn Holcomb
E-mail:  earlsgirl49@aol.com
Date:  7/8/2005 2:36:06 PM
Subject:  Meeting all of you
Message:  Dear Porchers,
I fell in love with Mickey before I ever met him in person, through his music. From the beginning, it was an instant 'family connection'. It is the same with you all. It's so nice to talk about Mickey and his music with people who love him...and who don't have a blank look when you mention something about him. Toni and I, and the entire family felt the same about Mickey. We all loved him...and knew he loved us. Now, we are beginning to love you, and feel that same love back. Toni is enjoying telling that I had a blast at the gathering...which I did! We both did!
And, submit all adoption inquiries to earlsgirl@aol.com! LOL! Next year you can meet Earl...my lifelong love, and Toni's daddy.
Love to you all on the porch,
JoAnn Holcomb (Toni Jolene's Mom)

 Meeting all of you by JoAnn Holcomb  at 7/8/2005 2:36:06 PM
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