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Author:  Joop
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Date:  7/8/2005 3:46:39 AM
Subject:  Party time!
Message:  We've had a small party here yesterday afternoon.
The surgeon has told Henriëtte that the melanoma had shown to be very superficial, had not grown into other tissue! And there is no reason to believe that it would have spread to some other part of the body.
According to the hospital protocol they will cut out another 3 inches of the wound next monday to be sure that every malignantcell will be taken away, but that will be the end of it!!
So we opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate life!

Thank you all for being with us these past weeks!

      "Bless this woman here at my side
       when I need a place to hide
       I crawl into her loving eyes
       where I find a place to sleep
       love is all that matters"

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