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Author:  Karen
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Date:  7/8/2005 2:00:19 AM
Subject:  Re: London
Message:  Yes Phil, I imagine that Londoners will indeed keep on going and not give in to terrorists. We all have to do this, within reason of course.

My girls are off to work today. Lara lives within walking distance but Peta has to travel over the affected areas (they live one station away from Kings Cross, at Islington). She said to me when I rang as she was eating breakfast "But I HAVE to go to work Mum".

Many porchers will remember that my brother-in-law was with our Prime Minister in Washington on 9/11. We have a certain knack..... But, thank God we have been lucky.

This world is insane in so many ways but if we each do our little bit for humanity, to keep it human, then we just might win. And every person we touch with goodness and caring will feel it in their heart and it will grow inside them.

I draw inspiration from Mickey. The love and wisdom and beauty of his words and music guide me somehow. I can see it happening with Neil too now. Mamie, you did SO good!

Love to all, and take care Londoners,


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