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Author:  Virginia
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Date:  7/5/2005 7:29:56 PM
Subject:  Welcome Frank In La.!!
Message:  Welcome Frank !
It's great to see you post, most people here know it was you that gifted me with Mickey's music.Come more often there's a rocker reserved for you. Mrs Mamie will bring you some of her famous lemonade or bread puddin' with lemon sauce if your lucky, and can move faster than LarryLarry, (don't ask about L.L. just keep reading you'll find out ) .The Newbury ladies that signed your gathering t-shirt meant every word ..."come visit" !!We all hope to see you at Gathering "06" it looks like Austin still might be a go !!   Love V. :)

 Welcome Frank In La.!! by Virginia at 7/5/2005 7:29:56 PM
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